Nonstock Item Table

List of Fields in the Table

The Nonstock Item table contains information about items that your company sells but does not carry in inventory. You would usually handle the sale of a nonstock item in one of two ways:

Drop Shipment

The item is shipped from the vendor directly to the customer. You buy and sell the item but do not handle, stock or deliver it.

Special Order

You purchase a nonstock item from the vendor especially for a customer, receive it at your warehouse and ship it to the customer, either by itself or in combination with other items on the sales order.

To register information in the Nonstock Item table, you fill out a card for each nonstock item with basic information such as name, unit of measure and unit price. You can enter this information manually or import it into the table using a dataport.

When a nonstock item is entered on a sales line for the first time, the program uses the information contained in the Nonstock Item table to generate an item card, to add a record to the item vendor catalogue, and to generate an item cross reference, (if the cross-reference information has been registered).

When you create an item card in this manner, the program creates the item number according to the rules defined in the Nonstock Item Setup table.