Item Ledger Entry Table

List of Fields in the Table

Item ledger entries are created every time you post a change to your inventory quantity. This change could be a result of a receipt or shipment of goods, because you post a negative or positive adjustment of quantity or consumption or output due to production.

These inventory records also carry the items item tracking numbers - serial and/or lot number - if assigned.


The Item Ledger Entry table only holds information about quantity - all amounts are listed in the Value Entry table.

Item ledger entries are created by the following: the posting of an item journal line; the posting of a sales order, return order, invoice or credit memo; and the posting of a purchase order, return order, invoice or credit memo.

Item ledger entries also result from the production of a BOM (bill of materials) in a BOM journal. Before you can create an item entry for the BOM you have produced, the program automatically creates an item entry for each of the component items that comprise the BOM.

For example, if a BOM is a table that consists of four legs and a table top, three item entries will be created: one for the BOM itself, the table (the entry is a positive adjustment because the inventory is increased by one table), and one for each of the items that comprise the table, that is, the table top and the legs (the entries are negative adjustments because the inventory is decreased by one table top and four legs). All three item entries have the same document number.

Finally, the Applied Entry to Adjust field is updated by the Adjust Cost - Item Entries batch job.

Item Tracking

If one of the above types of document lines carries multiple unique item tracking numbers when posted, this will result in one item ledger entry for each item tracking number.

For example, the posting of a line with 4 pieces each carrying a unique serial number will create 4 separate item ledger entries. The Item Entry Relation table is used to manage such one-to-many relations during posting and lookup from posted document lines.