Item Table

List of Fields in the Table

The Item table manages the inventory.

The table contains information about items in your inventory. For each item there is a card, on which you enter basic information, such as name, units of measure, inventory location and unit price. Quantity changes in inventory are stored in the Item Ledger Entry table, and changes in inventory value are stored in the Value Entry table.

Each item must have a number for identification purposes. When you enter the number in Item No. fields elsewhere in the program (on a sales quote, for example), the program automatically uses the information associated with the number.

Before you can post purchases, sales and inventory adjustments, you must set up links from the item card to the general ledger. This is done through inventory posting groups, general product posting groups and the general posting setup.

The program can display items in two different windows:

All items must be set up in this table.

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