Roll Up Standard Cost Batch Job

You use the Roll Up Standard Cost batch job to roll-up the standard costs of manufactured items. These will be influenced by the change in standard costs of components suggested by the Suggest Item Standard Cost batch job and/or the change in standard cost of capacity suggested by the Suggest Work/Mach Ctr Std Cost batch job.

Once you have run either (or both) of these batch jobs and you do the roll-up, all changes to the standard costs in the worksheet are introduced in the associated production BOMs, and the costs are applied at each BOM level.


This function only rolls up the standard cost on the item cards, not on the SKUs.

This batch job only creates suggestions. It does not implement the suggested changes. If you are satisfied with the suggestions and want to implement them, that is update them on the item cards and insert them in the Revaluation Journal, you can use the Implement Standard Cost Change batch job. This batch job is found under Functions in the Standard Cost Worksheet window.

If you want to include more information, you can select additional fields to be included in the batch job. To do this, in the Field field, press F3, click the AssistButton and then select the relevant field(s). You can set filters on any of the fields. If you do not set any filters, the batch job will include all your records.

Click OK to start the batch job. To filter the information in the batch job, fill in the relevant fields as follows:


No.: Enter the numbers of the items to be included in the batch job or leave this field blank to include all the lines in the worksheet. Click the up-arrow in the lower left-hand corner of the window to see the table with the results of the filters you have set for the batch job.

Costing Method: By default, this field is filled out with Standard.


Calculation Date: Enter the date that applies to the production BOM version you want to do the roll-up for.