Entering New Values When Revaluing Items

If you want to change the inventory value of an item or that of a specific receipt, you must use the revaluation journal.

Before you can revalue an item, you must first fill in the journal with the calculated value of that item. You can then enter the new value of the item as described in the following procedure.

To Enter New Values When Revaluing Items:

  1. Open the Revaluation Journal window.

  2. Fill in the journal with calculated values. You can do this manually or using a batch job.

  3. When you have filled in the journal, select the first line that you want to revalue.

  4. In the Unit Cost (Revalued) field, enter the new unit cost. Or enter the new total amount in the Inventory Value (Revalued) field.

    For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

    The program automatically updates the relevant fields. Note that the Amount field shows the actual change in inventory value for the selected item ledger entry. It calculates the difference between the Inventory Value (Calculated) field and the Inventory Value (Revalued) field.

  5. When you have finished the revaluation, post the journal.

Repeat this procedure for all entries that you want to revalue.

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