Handling Item Tracking Lines when Getting for Invoices/Credit Memos

When using Functions, Get...lines from an invoice or a credit memo, existing item tracking lines on the source lines will be transferred automatically, however, they are handled in a special way.

The processes include, inbound:

- and outbound:

In these situations, the existing item tracking lines are copied automatically to the invoice/credit memo, but the Item Tracking Lines form does not permit changes to the serial/lot numbers - only the quantities can be changed.

To handle Item Tracking Lines when getting for Invoices/Credit Memos:

  1. From an invoice or a credit memo, click Functions, Get ..Lines.

The source document is copied to the invoice/credit memo, and its item tracking lines transferred unchanged to the underlying Item Tracking Lines form.

  1. Click Line, Item Tracking Lines to see the transferred item tracking lines.

The contents of the Serial No. and Lot No. fields are not editable. However, you can delete complete lines or change the quantities to match changes being made on the source line.