Selecting from Existing Serial/Lot Numbers

For outbound items with serial and/or lot numbers already assigned during inbound transactions, the item tracking process will typically consist of selecting from these.

The exact rules for handling item tracking numbers across your company are governed by the setup of the Item Tracking Code table.


To handle item tracking numbers in warehouse activities, the item must be set up with SN/Lot Warehouse Tracking, as this dictates the special principles governing serial/lot numbers in warehouse.

To Select from Existing Serial/Lot Numbers:

  1. From any outbound document, select the line that you want to select serial/lot numbers for.

  2. Click Line or Item and then Item Tracking Lines.

  3. In the Item Tracking Lines form, click the AssistButton in the Lot No. or Serial No. field to select from the Item Tracking Summary window.

The matrix of quantity fields in the form header dynamically displays the quantities and sums of the item tracking numbers you define in the form. The quantities must correspond to those of the document line, which is signified by 0 in the Undefined fields.

When the document line is posted, the item tracking entries are carried to the associated item ledger entries.


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