Handling Serial/Lot Numbers on Transfer Orders

Procedures for handling serial and lot numbers that are being transferred between different locations are similar to those applied when items are sold and purchased.

However, the transfer order is unique in that shipment and receipt are both done from one and the same transfer line and, therefore, use the same instance of the Item Tracking Lines form. This means that item tracking numbers shipped from one location must be received unchanged at the other location.

The exact rules for handling item tracking numbers across your company are governed by the setup of the Item Tracking Code table.

To Handle Serial/Lot Numbers on Transfer Orders:

  1. From a transfer order, click Line, Item Tracking Lines.

  1. Select Shipment.

  1. In the Item Tracking Lines form, assign or select serial/lot numbers as for any other outbound item transaction.

When handling serial/lot numbers for transfer items, the items typically have numbers already assigned to them. Therefore, the process typically consists of selecting from existing serial/lot numbers.

  1. Post the transfer order, first ship and then receive, to record that the items are transferred carrying their item tracking entries.

During the transfer, the Item Tracking Lines form remains locked for writing.

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