Setting Up Item Tracking Codes

An item tracking code reflects the different considerations a company has regarding the use of serial and lot numbers for items moving through the inventory.

For more information about the various setup fields that define a company's item tracking policies, see the Item Tracking Code table.

To Set Up an Item Tracking Code:

  1. From an item card, click the Item Tracking tab.

  2. Click the AssistButton in the Item Tracking Code field to see a list of existing codes.

  3. On a new line, enter a descriptive name and a description of the item tracking code.

The General tab contains the name and description of the item tracking code, which can

be modified.

  1. Click the Serial No. and/or the Lot No. tab to define policies of item tracking by serial and lot numbers respectively.

  2. Click the Misc. tab to set parameters for warranty and expiration.

  3. For more information about item tracking parameters, press F1 in the individual fields.

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