Setting Up Stockkeeping Units

You can use stockkeeping units to record information about your items for a specific location and/or a specific variant code.

Stockkeeping units are a supplement to item cards, they do not replace them, although they are related to them. Stockkeeping units allow you to differentiate information about an item for a specific location (such as a warehouse or distribution center) or a specific variant (such as different shelf numbers and different replenishment information), for the same item.

To Set Up Stockkeeping Units:

  1. Open the Stockkeeping Unit Card window.

  2. Fill in the fields on the card. The following fields are mandatory:

    Item No.

    Location Code and/or

    Variant Code

For Help about any other field, click the field and press F1.

After you have set up the first stockkeeping unit for an item, the program places a check mark in the Stockkeeping Unit Exists field on the Item Card.


The information on the Stockkeeping Unit card has priority over the Item card.

To create several stockkeeping units for an item, use the Create Stockkeeping Unit batch job.

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