Setting Up In-Transit Codes

Before you transfer items between locations using transfer routes, you need to set up in-transit codes.

When the transfer order is posted, the items on the line are no longer available at one of your locations but are in transit. The items on the line are in a temporary, fictive location described by one of your in-transit codes.

You set up in-transit codes on the location card. You can set up as many or as few in-transit codes as you like.

To Set Up In-Transit Codes:

  1. Open the Location Card window.

  2. Press F3 to enter a new location.

  3. You must fill in the Code and Name fields.

  4. Place a check mark in the Use As In-Transit field.

Repeat the procedure to set up as many in-transit codes as you want.


One or two codes might be enough for your purposes, for example, simply “InTransit”, or two related codes: “OwnVhcl” for items being transported in your own vehicles, and “OtherCarr” for items being transported by other carriers. You can also set up in-transit codes that indicate something about the in-transit arrangement, for example, ExtrInsur (Extra insurance purchased).

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