Calculating Unit Price from Unit Cost and Profit %

You can use this feature in the program to calculate the unit price from the Unit Cost and the Profit % field. Profit will be calculated from the unit price.

To Calculate Unit Price from Unit Cost and Profit %:

  1. Open the Item Card window.

  2. Browse to the item that you want to calculate a new unit price for.

  3. Click the Invoicing tab.

  4. Click the Profit % field, and then enter a new percentage.

  5. The Unit Price field will be adjusted to reflect the changes you made to the Profit % field, so that the profit equals the percentage of the unit price.


You can also adjust the Unit Price field by entering a new cost in the Unit Cost field, following the same steps as described above.

If you have placed a check mark in the Price Includes VAT field on the item card, remember that the program adds VAT to the unit price that it calculates from the unit cost and profit %. (The Price Includes VAT field is not included in the standard layout, but you can insert it with the design facilities.)

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