Posting Phys. Inventory Journals

After you have entered all the actual quantities on hand, you can post the journal.

To Post Phys. Inventory Journals:

  1. Open the Phys. Inventory Journal window with all the actual quantities on hand entered on the lines.

  2. Click Posting, and then click Post or Post and Print to post the journal.

The program then creates both item ledger entries, physical inventory ledger entries, and, if you are using Bins, warehouse entries.

  1. To view the entries, click Inventory, Items. Browse to the relevant item card, and then click Item, Entries and either Ledger Entries or Phys. Inventory Ledger Entries.


If you are using bins for the location, Dimensions will not be posted on the physical inventory ledger entries, the item ledger entries, or on the value entries.

When posting the physical inventory journal, you can have the program automatically create entries to G/L accounts. In the Inventory Setup window, on the General tab, place a check mark in the Automatic Cost Posting field. Otherwise, to have the posted inventory value be the same as the actual value, you must run the Post Inventory Cost to G/L batch job (under Inventory, Periodic Activities).

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