Specifying Alternative Unit of Measure Codes

You need alternative units of measure if, for example, you buy an item on pallets and use single pieces in your production. You can specify an unlimited number of alternative units of measure individually for each item. Each alternative unit of measure is related to the Base Unit of Measure field on the item card through a conversion factor. This factor specifies the number of base units of measure that the alternative unit of measure represents.

To Specify Alternative Units of Measure:

  1. Open the Item Card window.

  2. Browse to the item card for which you want to set up alternative units of measure.

  3. Click Item, Units of Measure. The Item Units of Measure window appears.

    The base unit of measure is already set up with a quantity of 1. The program does this automatically when you enter a unit of measure code in the Base Unit of Measure field on the item card.

  4. Press F3 to set up a new item unit of measure.

  5. In the Code field, click the AssistButton .

  6. In the Units of Measure window, select the code for which you want to specify a quantity and then click OK to copy it to the field.

  7. In the Qty. per Unit of Measure field, enter the quantity (the number of base units of measure) the current code represents.

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