If your warehouse has more than one location, you can transfer items between locations.

To transfer items from one location to another, you must create a transfer order.

Before you can create an order you must set up an in-transit location and a transfer route.

Transfer order

The transfer order is an order very similar to a sales order or a purchase order. The transfer order can be created from the transfer-from or the transfer-to location. The transfer order contains information about the transfer-from and the transfer-to location, and the dates connected to the shipping and receiving of the order. On the transfer order, you must also assign the in-transit code that applies while the items are in transit.

In-Transit Code

An in-transit code is a temporary location created for transferring items only. When the order is shipped from the transfer-from location, the program assigns the items an in-transit code. When the order is received at the transfer-to location, the program moves the items from the in-transit code to the transfer-to location.

Transfer Routes

You can set up transfer routes between locations. This enables you to assign a default in-transit code, shipping agent and shipping agent service code. When you have done this, the program can use the information to calculate the receipt date.

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