Location Codes

If your company has more than one warehouse (in different geographical locations, for example), you can assign location codes to the various warehouses. Then each location can be treated separately in connection with purchases, sales and production.

For each location, you can set up an unlimited number of bin codes to specify the location of individual items more precisely.

The fields used for location management are not included in the standard layout of the various windows. You must therefore first insert the fields in the relevant windows with the Show Column function or the design facilities.

Mandatory Location Codes

If you use location codes, you must decide whether you want the location code to be mandatory when you post item journals and sales and purchase documents.

If you want the location code to be mandatory, place a check mark in the Location Mandatory field on the General tab in the Inventory Setup window.

You cannot post item journal or sales/purchase lines if you have placed a check mark in the Location Mandatory field and left the Location Code field empty.

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