Employee Absence Table

List of Fields in the Table

The Employee Absence table in Navision lets you manage employee absences in the company. When all employee absences are registered in this table, you can see the information in various ways throughout the program and analyze employee absences. You can, for example, compare your company's rate of absenteeism to national or industry-related averages for absenteeism.

A sudden increase in an employee's absences may reflect personal problems on the employee's part. With the Employee Absence table, you can take notice of these problems at an early stage.

In Navision, you can use the Employee Absence table to register absences for all of your company's employees. When you register employee absences, you link a cause of absence code to the individual absences and enter basic information such as employee number and date(s) of absence.

The program can display Employee Absences in two different windows:

The same fields exist for both windows, but you can only edit the field contents in the Absence Registration window.

All employee absences must be registered in this table.