Cause of Absence Table

List of Fields in the Table

In Navision, you can use the Cause of Absence table to set up cause of absence codes for your employees. These codes can be used to indicate various reasons for employee absences: sickness, vacation, personal days, personal emergencies, and so on.

By using the codes set up in this table, you can efficiently register your employees' absences and the reasons for their absences in the Absence Registration window. When you use this feature to register employee absences, the Cause of Absence table will display totals for each type of absence for all employees in the company.

You must also specify in this table the unit of measure to be used, that is, how the absences will be measured - in days or hours.


It is important that you use one unit of measure consistently when registering employee absences in order to obtain meaningful totals and statistics on employee absences.