Alternative Address Table

List of Fields in the Table

You can use this table to keep track of your employees' whereabouts even if they reside at temporary addresses. This could be the case if they are at a summer home or are stationed abroad for a period of time.

Alternative addresses are set up for each employee on the employee's card, Alternative Addresses. The program will display a card where you can enter the alternative address for the employee.

The Alternative Address table can contain several alternative addresses for each employee. A code representing the alternative address information is linked to each address.

You assign an alternative address to an employee on the employee's card in the Alt. Address Code field. There are also two date fields on the employee's card where you can specify a time period for which the alternative address is valid.

The alternative address feature can be useful when you are making mailing labels for all the employees in the company. The Employee - Labels report will use the alternative addresses you specified for the relevant employees while using the regular addresses for the other employees.