Employee Table

List of Fields in the Table

Employees are an important asset in every company. Administering employee information in Navision enables you to register and update personnel information effectively, and it gives you easy access to all employee information. This can be beneficial in providing department managers with useful information; for example, the names of employees with a certain qualification or the name of an employee's closest relative in case of emergency.

Keeping track of your employees also helps the company manage hiring and training needs. In Navision, you can use the Employee table to register all employee information. The table can help you organize this information, which is then in easy reach for later use.

The Human Resources application area is linked to the Resources application area. So when you update certain basic information about the employee (such as name, address, social security number, employment date and so on) in the Employee table, the program automatically updates the resource card for the employee.

The Employee table contains a card for each employee, on which you enter basic information. Each employee must also have an employee number, which can consist of numbers and/or letters. The program uses the employee's number in other windows to link information specific to the individual employee with his employee number.

The program can display employee information in two different windows:

In the Absences window you can see an individual employee's absences that you registered for the employee in the Absence Registration window. You can see all the employee's qualifications by clicking the Employee button and choosing Qualifications. In this window, you can enter additional qualifications as the employee acquires them.

There are also various windows that provide you with an overview of, for example, the employee's absences categorized by type or the various company articles that the employee is in possession of.

All employees must be set up in this table.