User Setup Table

List of Fields in the Table

Navision has a security program to ensure that only the correct people have access to the companies in the program.

In Navision you can define user IDs and passwords by selecting Tools, Security, Database Logins or Windows Logins from the menu bar. With user IDs and passwords, you can control who can enter the program.

You can improve this security by using roles to restrict an individual user's permissions - for example, to read information create new information, or modify existing information. To do this, select Tools, Security, Roles from the menu bar.

In the User Setup table, you can restrict when a particular user is allowed to post to a particular company. You can also have the program register the amount of time that an individual user works in the company. Then each time the user leaves the program, the User Time Register table will automatically be updated with information about the user ID, date and number of minutes worked.

You can create user setups only for users who have been assigned a user ID as described above.