Acc. Schedule Name Table

List of Fields in the Table

An account schedule can be used to arrange the accounts in the chart of accounts in various ways.

Account schedules can be created, for example, for reports on the profit margins of individual dimensions, for example departments or customer groups, or according to specifications for external financial statements.

You can set up several account schedules containing different extracts of your chart of accounts. You can also set up several account schedule layouts, which define what information will be displayed for the accounts.

An account schedule consists of an account schedule name and several lines. When you work with the account schedule, it is these lines that you see.

You can set up several account schedules in the Acc. Schedule Name table. In the Acc. Schedule Line table, you define each account schedule by setting up the lines. You can define some lines that will appear in reports and others that will be used for calculation purposes only. You can use the Insert Accounts function to copy accounts from your chart of accounts.

To set up account schedule layouts, use the Column Layout Name table and the Column Layout table.

In the Acc. Schedule Overview window, you can view account schedules using the various layouts you have set up. You can also view the layouts in the Dimensions - Total.