Responsibility Center Table

List of Fields in the Table

You can use the Responsibility Center table to record information about your responsibility center.

A responsibility center can be a cost center, a profit center or an investment center. Examples of responsibility centers are a sales office, a purchasing department for several locations, and a plant planning office.

In Navision, you set up responsibility centers to help administer your business. For example, a responsibility center can administer sales and purchases for one or more warehouses or distribution centers, where goods are handled and stored prior to use.

Each responsibility center has a name (for example, the address of the regional office) as well as a code representing the name. You assign a code to a responsibility center. This code can be used in the responsibility center code fields elsewhere in the program.

For example, when you enter a responsibility center code on purchase and sales documents it affects the address, dimensions, and prices on the documents. Entering a responsibility center code on a Location card will mean that the location (for example, a warehouse or distribution center) is administered by the responsibility center represented by that code.