IC Outbox Transaction Table

List of Fields in the Table

The IC Outbox Transaction table contains the intercompany transactions that you are going to send to your intercompany partners.

Each line in the table represents a document or journal (a transaction). There may be two or more sales or purchase lines for one transaction. The detailed lines are in the IC Outbox Jnl. Line table, the IC Outbox Sales Line table or the IC Outbox Purchase Line table.

The IC Outbox Transaction table can contain transactions that originate in your company. It can also contain transactions that you received in your inbox from an intercompany partner but were not able to approve. When you reject a transaction in your inbox, the program moves it to your outbox, to be sent back to your partner.

You remove a transaction from your outbox either by sending it to the relevant intercompany partner, returning it to the inbox (if you had rejected it from the inbox incorrectly) or canceling the transaction and creating correction lines in your company. When a line is removed from the IC Outbox Transaction table, the program creates a corresponding line in the Handled IC Outbox Transaction table so that you have a record of completed transactions.