IC Partner Table

List of Fields in the Table

You use the IC Partner table to set up codes for companies that you have intercompany transactions with.

Later, when you send and receive intercompany transactions with your partners, you will use the codes to identify each other. Therefore, you and your partners must all agree on one set of codes to use. For example, if you identify yourself as IC partner 30 when you send a transaction, your partners must have you set up as IC partner 30.

You assign an IC partner code to each of your partners. If you have set up the partner as a customer and/or vendor, you can enter the IC partner code on the customer and/or vendor card.

You can enter an IC partner code on intercompany journals. If an IC partner code is linked to a customer or vendor, you can enter the customer or vendor on an intercompany journal or document. When you post an intercompany journal or document, the program uses the information associated with the IC partner code to automatically create intercompany transaction lines for you to send to your partner.