IC Dimension Table

List of Fields in the Table

If you use the Intercompany Postings feature, and if you and your intercompany partners want to exchange transactions with dimensions linked to them, you need to set up the IC Dimension table to define how the dimensions in your Dimension table correspond to the dimensions of your intercompany partners.

The program uses the IC Dimension table to translate the dimensions on intercompany transactions into the dimensions that you use in your company.

If you and your IC partners have set up the Dimensions table identically, then you can fill in the IC Dimension table exactly like your Dimension table, and map the dimensions directly.

If your company's dimensions are not the same as those of your IC partner, each company must translate their dimensions into something that the other company can recognize. You and your IC partners should agree on a master set of dimensions that can be used as a common reference. Each partner imports the master into their IC Dimension table. Then each partner maps the IC dimensions to their Dimension table.

When you receive an intercompany transaction from one of your IC partners, your partner will have specified dimensions from the master set of dimensions. The program uses the information in the IC Dimension table to find the corresponding account in your Dimension table.