Currency Table

List of Fields in the Table

Navision makes it easy to handle different currencies. For example, you can invoice in foreign currencies, post in foreign currencies, record exchange rate differences and generate statements in foreign currencies. You can post to a customer or vendor in an unlimited number of currencies. The resulting ledger entries will show the currency of each transaction.

You use this table to link various types of information (such as how you want the program to round invoices for specific currencies and which accounts you want the program to post to for exchange rate gains and losses) to a currency code. You must also set up exchange rates for each currency in the Currency Exchange Rate table.

After you have set up this information, you can enter a default currency code on customer and vendor cards. You can also enter the currency code in currency code fields elsewhere in the program. Then, when you post or set up orders, invoices, credit memos, and so on, the program will use the information represented by the code.