Bank Account Statement Line Table

List of Fields in the Table

After you reconcile the bank's statement with the bank account in your program using the Bank Acc. Reconciliation feature, the program creates a Bank Account Statement. You can see this statement from the Bank Account card by choosing Bank Acc., Statements.

Here you can see all the bank account statements that you have reconciled with the bank account. This feature enables you to keep a file of all your bank account statements in the program, eliminating the need to keep paper copies of the bank account statements received from the bank.

The Bank Account Statement is displayed with a header and some associated lines.

The header shows general information, such as the number of the bank's statement, the number of the bank account that was reconciled and the bank statement's ending balance.

The lines show the transactions on the bank's statement that have been reconciled with the bank account in the program.

You cannot change the contents of the fields in the Bank Account Statement table because the Bank Account Reconciliation has been posted.