Intrastat Jnl. Batch Table

List of Fields in the Table

The Intrastat Jnl. Batches window must be used for INTRASTAT reporting. All EU businesses must report their trade with other EU countries.

You can use the Intrastat Journal window for this reporting. You can either enter the entries in the window yourself, or you can have the program import them automatically by clicking the Get Entries button on the intrastat journal. When you do this, the program imports only entries from the Item Ledger Entry table. If you have some G/L entries that should be included in the INTRASTAT report (for example purchase of office equipment for your own use from another EU country), you must enter these entries yourself.

In order for item entries to contain the necessary information when the program imports them to the intrastat journal line, you must have entered that information in the following tables:


Tariff Number

Transport Method

Transaction Type.

You must fill in these tables before you begin to post.

Before you can use the Intrastat Journal window, you must decide which intrastat journal templates and batches you will use. You do this in the Intrastat Journal Templates and Intrastat Jnl. Batches windows.

In the Intrastat Jnl. Batches window, you can create several names based on each intrastat journal template. Because INTRASTAT is reported monthly, you must create 12 intrastat names. Use names that identify the month that the report covers, for example:

Jan, Feb, Mar

If you need several different intrastat journal templates, for example for more types of forms, you must set up the templates in the Intrastat Journal Templates window. The information for INTRASTAT reporting itself is entered in the Intrastat Journal window.