VAT Statement Template Table

List of Fields in the Table

The program contains some special tables to manage the tasks necessary for settling VAT and reporting to the customs and tax authorities. You can use these tables to have the program:

calculate the VAT due for a period

prepare and print the VAT statement, which can be copied directly to the giro form

print a list of sales to EU countries (on paper or to a diskette)

The program creates an entry in the VAT Entry table for each posted transaction that involves VAT. These entries are used to calculate the VAT that must be settled for a given period. When the calculation must be done, you use a VAT statement to specify how the VAT should be calculated.

You can create several different types of VAT statements in the VAT Statement Templates window if you need different forms. If you need different VAT statements based on the same template, you create different names in the VAT Statement Names window. The VAT statement itself is filled out in the VAT Statement window.

After you have defined a VAT statement, you can print it by clicking the Functions button and then clicking Print. After you have printed and approved the VAT statement, you can run the Calc. and Post VAT Settlement batch job to close the open VAT entries and transfer purchase and sales VAT amounts to the VAT settlement account.