Reason Code Table

List of Fields in the Table

You can use the Reason Code table if you need a code to supplement the codes generated by Source Code and Source Code Setup tables.

After you set them up, you can link the codes to:

Journal templates

Journal batches

Journal lines

Sales and purchase headers

You can choose between having the codes permanently linked to certain journals and linking them manually to each line as needed.

When the codes are linked to a journal line or a sales or purchase header, the program will mark all entries with the reason code when it posts them. To see the reason code for a particular entry, go to the relevant entry table - such as G/L Entry, Cust. Ledger Entry, Vendor Ledger Entry or Item Ledger Entry - and look at the contents of the Reason Code field next to the entry.

If the entry table window does not contain the Reason Code field, you must insert it yourself. Read about this in the Application Designer's Guide.