Source Code Table

List of Fields in the Table

When you post journals, orders, invoices or credit memos, and when you run various batch jobs, entries are created in the financial statements.

Sometimes you need to see how a particular entry arose, for example whether it came from posting a general journal or a purchase invoice. To do this, use the Source Code and Source Code Setup tables.


When you set up a new company, the program automatically fills in the Source Code and Source Code Setup tables.

When you post or run a batch job, the program automatically attaches the proper source code to the entry. For example, when you post from the general journal, the program codes the entry as GENJNL.

To see where a given entry comes from, you can go to the relevant entry table - G/L Entry, Cust. Ledger Entry, Vendor Ledger Entry, Item Ledger Entry and so on - and look at the contents of the Source Code field next to the entry.

If the entry table window does not contain the Source Code field, you must insert it yourself. Read about this in the Application Designer's Guide.

The Source Code table contains all possible source codes.

The Source Code Setup table contains all posting methods (from the general journal, from a purchase invoice, and so on) and the names of all the batch jobs that create entries. Next to each posting method or batch job is a source code that is an abbreviation for it. For example:

GENJNL General Journal