G/L Account Table

List of Fields in the Table

The General Ledger is at the center of the company's finances - it gives you an overview of the financial situation. It also provides information about expenses and revenues to compare with budgets and with figures from previous years. This lets you identify income-generating areas, avoid losses, adjust unrealistic budgets, and so on.

In Navision you use the G/L Account table, which contains all the accounts, to manage your finances. When you set up an account, you enter basic information such as the name of the account and the account type. The account must also have an identifying number. When you enter this number in various fields in the program - in a journal, for example - the program will automatically use the basic information from the account.

The program can display G/L accounts in two different windows:

The same fields exist for both windows, and both windows provide the same possibilities for editing the field contents.

All G/L accounts must be set up in this table.