Dimensions - Detail Report

This report displays a detailed classification of how dimensions have been used on entries over a selected period. The entries shown in the report are linked to a particular analysis view. Therefore, only entries with dimensions or dimension combinations that are included in the analysis view you have selected will be included in the report. The report can be used to investigate which activities use which dimensions, and how individual dimensions are combined with other dimensions on specific entries. For a less detailed analysis of dimensions, you should use the Dimensions - Total report.

You can define what is included in the report by filling in the fields on the Option tab as follows:


Analysis View Code: Here you can enter the code for the analysis view you want the report to be based on. To select among the analysis view codes you have set up in the Analysis View table, click the AssistButton in the right of the field.

Include Dimensions: Here you can enter the dimensions that you want to include in the report. You can only select dimensions included in the analysis view that you select in the Analysis View Code field. To see the dimensions that are available, click the AssistButton in the right of the field.

Date Filter: In this field, you can set a filter to filter entries by date. You can enter a particular date or a time interval.

Print Empty Lines: Place a check mark in the field if you do not want the report to include dimensions and dimension values that have a balance of zero.

Show Amounts in Add. Reporting Currency: Place a check mark in the field if you want the amounts on the report to be shown in the additional reporting currency.

Click the Print button to print out the report. If you want to see the report on the screen before printing, click the Preview button. If you do not want to print the report now, click Cancel to close the window.