Setting Up Business Analytics Databases

Before you can use the Business Analytics configurator to configure a BA database in SQL Analysis Services, you must set up a BA database and define the data cubes that you want to export.

To Set Up Business Analytics Databases:

  1. Open the BA Databases window and fill in the fields on a line. In the Path to Configurator field, click the AssistButton and browse to find the .exe file that triggers the configurator. Click Open.

  2. Click BA Cube, Companies. In the window that appears, the current company appears by default on the first line.  To include additional companies in the database, press F3 and than click the AssistButton to select a company. Press Esc to close the window.

  3. You can have the configurator engine run automatically at the same time every day. Click BA Cube, Schedules. In the window that appears, the first line contains a default time. You can change the time. You can also enter additional lines if you want the engine to run automatically more than once a day. Press Esc to close the window.

You can repeat steps 1-3 to set up as many databases as you want. However, only one database can be active.

  1. To indicate which database you want to use now, place a check mark in the Active field for the database.


Besides using the scheduler, you can start the configurator manually at any time. To run the configurator at an unscheduled time, click Functions, Start Configurator.

Once you have set up a BA database, you must define the cubes in the database.

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