Handling Outgoing Intercompany Transactions

When you post an intercompany journal or document, or send an intercompany order confirmation, the transactions are sent to your intercompany outbox. In order for them to be sent on to your intercompany partners, you must open the outbox and process them.

To Handle Outgoing Intercompany Transactions:

  1. Open the IC Outbox Transactions window. To see the details of a transaction, select the transaction and click Outbox Transactions, Details.

  2. In the IC Outbox Transactions window, enter an option in the Line Action field for each transaction. You can either fill in the field on one line at a time, or you can select several lines and then click Functions, Set Line Action and then click the relevant option.

  3. Click Functions, Complete Line Actions and then click Yes in the window that appears.

  4. If any of the lines in the outbox contained Send to IC Partner in the Line Action field, each line has been sent to the relevant partner's inbox.

  5. If any of the lines contained Return to Inbox in the Line Action field, they have been moved to the inbox. You can accept them in the inbox. Documents or journal lines will then be created in your company.

  6. If any of the lines contained Cancel in the Line Action field, you must now post a correction to the original transaction that you posted in your company.

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