Filling In and Posting Intercompany Journals

You use intercompany journals to post transactions with your intercompany partners. When you post an intercompany journal in your company, the program creates a corresponding journal in your IC outbox that you can transfer to your partner. Your partner can then post the journal in their company, without having to re-enter the data.

To Fill In and Post an Intercompany Journal:

  1. Open the IC General Journal window.

  2. In the Account Type field, enter either IC Partner, Customer or Vendor.
    In the Account No. field, enter the IC partner code or the customer or vendor number of the partner that you will send the transaction to.


If you enter a customer or vendor number, it must have an IC partner code assigned to it.

  1. Fill in the fields as you would fill in a regular general journal. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

  2. In the IC Partner G/L Acc. No. field, enter the IC G/L account that the amount will be posted to in your partner's company. (This field must be filled in on a line with a bank account or G/L account in either the Account No. field or the Bal. Account No. field.)

  3. After filling in the fields, click Posting, Post to post the journal.

Now entries have been posted in your company and corresponding entries have been created in your IC outbox for you to send to your partner company.

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