Setting Up Intercompany Postings

The Intercompany Postings functionality allows you to save time and errors on data entry, by electronically transferring transactions between your company and your partner companies.

Before you can start using the intercompany functionality, however, there are a few things that you need to set up.

To Set Up Intercompany Postings:

  1. Open the Company Information window. On the Communication tab, fill in the IC Partner Code, IC Inbox Type and IC Inbox Details fields. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

  2. Open the IC Partner Card window. Fill in a card for each of your partners.

  3. If you have set up your intercompany partners as customers and/or vendors, fill in the IC Partner Code field on the relevant customer and vendor cards.

  4. Set up the intercompany chart of accounts.

  5. If you want to use dimensions on intercompany transactions, set up intercompany dimensions.

  6. If you will create or receive intercompany lines with items, you can either use your own item numbers, or you can set up your partner's item numbers for each relevant item, either in the Vendor Item No. field or the Common Item No. field on the item card, or using the Item Cross Reference Entries window linked to the item card.

  7. If you will make intercompany transactions that include resources, you must fill in the IC Partner Purch. G/L Acc. No. field on the resource card for each relevant resource.

Now you can create intercompany transactions using the intercompany general journal or sales or purchase documents.

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