Getting an Overview of Where G/L Accounts Are Used

Sometimes you may want to get an overview of the setup tables that cause the program to automatically post to a specific account. When you set up the program, you fill in setup tables (for example, the posting group tables) to specify which G/L accounts the program uses as posting accounts for which types of transactions. Later, you may want to see which setup tables contain references to a certain G/L account.

To Get an Overview of Where G/L Accounts Are Used:

  1. Open the Chart of Accounts window.

  2. Select the line with an account for which you want an overview, and then click Account, Where-Used List.

The G/L Account Where-Used List window shows every line that refers to the G/L account in the following setup tables:


Customer Posting Group

Vendor Posting Group

Job Posting Group

General Posting Setup

Bank Account Posting Group

VAT Posting Setup

FA Posting Group

Inventory Posting Setup

Service Contract Account Group

Gen. Journal Template

Gen. Journal Batch

Gen. Jnl. Allocation

FA Allocation

  1. Repeat the procedure for each relevant account.