Setting Up Change Log

A common problem in an administrative computer system is to locate the origin of errors and alterations in data. It could be anything from a wrong customer phone number to a wrong posting to the general ledger. The change log functionality gives you the ability to track all direct modifications a user makes to data in the database.

You must specify for each table and field what you want the system to log, and then you need to activate the change log.

To Set Up Change Log:

  1. Open the Change Log Setup (Table) List window.

  2. Fill in the fields for each line. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

  3. Close the window.

  4. To activate the change log, in the Change Log Setup window, click to insert a check mark in the Change Log Activated field. Close the window.

You must close the company and open it again for the new change log settings to take effect.

  1. To close the company, click File, Company, Close.

  2. To open the company, click File, Company, Open. In the Open Company window, select the company and click OK.


The program always logs changes to the Change Log Activated field, which means that you are always able to see which user deactivated or reactivated the change log. This cannot be turned off.

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