Viewing Analyses by Dimensions

In the Analysis by Dimensions window, you can look at the amounts in your general ledger using the analysis views you have already set up. The window consists of a header with three tabs and matrix-box with rows and columns.

The columns in the window also display the following information:


This column shows the code given to a dimension value.


This column shows the name given to a dimension value.

Total Amount

This column shows the Total Amount for the amount type that you chose in the Show field.


Each column in the matrix to the right of the window shows amounts based on an analysis view. You can use the Net Change or Balance at Date button to see these amounts in different ways. You select the periods with the buttons in the lower left-hand corner of the window.

To View an Analysis by Dimensions:

  1. Open the Analysis by Dimensions window.

  2. On each tab, fill in the fields. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

  3. To see a specification of an amount shown in the matrix window, select the amount and click the AssistButton .


Time Interval buttons are inactive if they represent a period length shorter than specified for the date compression on the Analysis View card.

The Next Period and Previous Period buttons are inactive if you have selected Period in either the Show as Lines or Show as Columns field.


You can use the Dimensions - Detail report to display a detailed classification of how dimensions have been used on entries over a selected period. You can use the Dimensions - Total report to display only the total amounts.


The Option tab gives you many different choices to view the amounts according to your needs. You can keep on altering the view.

You can also alter the view by changing the contents of the Show as Lines field and Show as Columns field. One analysis view with four dimensions allows you to make 42 different analysis view breakdowns.

You can reverse lines and columns by clicking Functions, Reverse Lines and Columns.

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