Setting Up New Budgets

You can have multiple budgets for identical time periods by creating budgets with separate names. First you set up the budget name and enter the budget figures. The budget name is then placed on all the budget entries you create.

To Set Up a New Budget:

  1. Open the Budget window.

  2. In the Budget Name field, click the AssistButton .

  3. Press F3 to insert a new line.

  4. On the new line, fill in the fields. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

  5. Select the budget name, and then click OK. Only entries that contain the budget name shown in the Budget Name field are now displayed. Because the budget name has just been created, there are no entries that match the filter, so the window is empty.

  6. At the bottom left side of the window, select the appropriate time interval button.

  7. Enter your budget amounts.


On the Filters tab, there is between 4-8 filters depending on how many budget dimensions you have set up under the budget name.

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