Setting Up Dimension Combinations

To avoid posting entries with contradictory or irrelevant dimensions, you can block or limit specific combinations of two dimensions. A blocked dimension combination means that you cannot post both dimensions on the same entry no matter what the dimension values are. A limited dimension combination allows you to post both dimensions to the same entry, but only for certain combinations of dimension values.

To Set Up Dimension Combinations:

  1. Open the Dimension Combinations window.

  2. Click the AssistButton in the field of the dimension combination and select one of the following options:


    This dimension combination has no restrictions. All dimensions values are allowed.


    This dimension combination has restrictions depending on which dimension values you enter. You must define the limitations in the Dimension Value Combination window.


    This dimension combination is not allowed.

  3. If you selected the option Limited, you must define which combinations of dimension values are blocked. To do this, click the AssistButton in the field of the dimension combination.

  4. Now select the dimension value combination and click the AssistButton in the field. Then select the option Blocked. A blank field means that the dimension value combination is allowed.


The same dimensions are displayed in both rows and columns and, therefore, all dimension combinations appear twice. The program automatically displays the setting in both fields. You cannot select anything in the fields from the upper-left corner and down, because these fields have the same dimension in both rows and columns.

The selected option is not visible before you exit the field.

To show the name of the dimensions instead of the code, place a check mark in the Show Column Name field.

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