Specifying Status for Setup Tables

The Setup Checklist window gives you an overview of the setup tables in each application area. Then you can fill in the Status, Responsible ID, Starting Date, Ending Date and Comments fields for each. This helps you keep track of the setup process. It is important that you keep these fields up-to-date.

To Specify Status for Setup Tables:

  1. Open the Setup Checklist window.

  2. On the table line, click the AssistButton in the Status field to see the status options: Planning, Started, Completed and Not Used.

  3. Select one of the options. (You can also enter one of the options directly in the Status field.)

You may find it useful to start by specifying the setup status of tables that you do not intend to use. You can then, for example, place a field filter on the Setup Checklist window so that tables with the Not Used status do not appear.

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