Entering Basic Information for Consolidated Companies

To consolidate several companies’ figures in a consolidated company, you must first enter information about the business units (companies) to be included and about the degree to which their figures will be included. You can use any number of business units in a consolidation.

To Enter Basic Information for Consolidated Companies:

  1. If you are not already working in the consolidated company, go to the company menu and select it.

  2. Open the Business Unit List window.

  3. For each business unit, fill in a line. You must fill in the Code, Company Name, Consolidate, and Consolidation % fields. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

  4. If the business unit’s financial statements are in a different currency than those of the consolidated company, you must also fill in the Currency Code, Exch. Rate Gains Acc., Exch. Rate Loss Acc. and Residual Account fields. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

  5. Fill in the Starting Date and Ending Date fields if the business unit’s fiscal year differs from that of the consolidated company.

  6. After entering this information for all the business units to be consolidated, close the window.

If your business unit uses a foreign currency, you must specify the exchange rate to be used in the consolidation. You must also enter consolidation information on the business unit's G/L accounts.

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