Searching for Specific Documents

You can choose the Navigate function from ledger entry windows and windows containing posted shipments and receipts. You can use it to find all entries posted with the same date and/or document number. The document number may be either a number assigned in a general journal or the number of an invoice or credit memo.

To Search for Specific Documents:

  1. Open the Chart of Accounts window.

  2. Browse to the account to which the document you are looking for was posted.

  3. Click the Balance field, and then click the AssistButton to see a list of the ledger entries that comprise the balance.

  4. Select the line with the ledger entry you want to investigate.

  5. Click Navigate. The program counts the records, and then the Navigate window appears. This window displays a list of the types of entries found and the number of each type.

  6. Click the desired type, G/L Entry, for example, and then click Show to see the individual entries. The General Ledger Entries window appears. It displays only the entries with the date and document number shown in the Navigate window. By clicking the other entry types, you can see corresponding lists.

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