Reconciling Liquid Accounts

For each account included in a reconciliation, the program calculates the net sum of all amounts on the account in the general journal. On the basis of this amount and the account balance before posting, the program calculates the balance that will be on the account after you post the general journal. G/L accounts that will be reconciled must have a check mark in the Reconciliation Account field on the G/L account card.

To Reconcile Liquid Accounts:

  1. Open the General Journal window.

  2. Fill in at least one journal line with an account number, an amount and an account number in the Balancing Acc. No. field.

  3. Click Posting, Reconcile.

  4. To post the journal, open the General Journal window, and then click Posting, Post.


If you print a test report before posting (by clicking Posting, Test Report), a reconciliation appears at the end of the report.

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