Voiding Checks

You can void checks from the Check Ledger Entries window. This will be necessary if, for some reason, the check is not cashed by the bank. Voiding a check from this window means that the underlying bank ledger entry and the corresponding G/L entries are reversed. Before a check can be financially voided, the Entry Status field on the check ledger entry must contain Posted.

To Void Checks:

  1. Select the line with the check that is to be voided.

  2. Click Check, Void Check.

  3. Click Yes to void the check.

The program then reverses the original entries with the posting description Voiding check xx. The Entry Status field on the check ledger entry is changed to Financially Voided.


You cannot void checks posted in a non-balancing transaction.


When a check has been posted, the vendor ledger entries that were paid by the check are applied-to. If you want to re-issue a check that has been voided, you must enter a new payment in the payment journal and apply this to the vendor ledger entry that was created by the program when the check was voided.

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