The Business Analytics Configurator

The configurator interface for Business Analytics allows you to specify the different data measures that you want to analyze, and the dimensional hierarchies across which you want to analyze the value of the measures. Using the configurator interface, you select the tables from where you want to get data for the dimensions and the measures. For each table, the program presents a list of fields from which you can select measures and dimension. At any time during the selection, you can save your work. Similarly, you can open an existing configuration definition and edit it. You save the definition of a configuration in an XML file.

Once you have defined a configuration, you can run the configurator to create cubes. The configuration utility invokes the configuration engine. The configuration engine performs several activities. It creates the schema for the staging database, the data mart, and the OLAP cubes. Additionally, it also configures DTS packages for transfer of measure and dimension data to the datamart.

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