The Intercompany Inbox

All of the intercompany transactions that you receive electronically from your IC partners are listed in the IC Inbox.

Organizing the Inbox

You can use the filter fields at the top of the inbox window to determine which transactions are shown in the window. For example, if you only want to look at transactions a particular partner created, you can enter filters in the Transaction Source and IC Partner Code filters.

Transaction Source

What you can do with a transaction depends whether it was:

You can use the Show Transaction Source field to filter the IC Inbox Transactions window so that it displays only one of these types of transactions. (You can also filter by IC partner, or by the contents of the Line Action field.)

Created by IC Partner

When you receive a new transaction that was created by your partner, you can choose to:

Accept the transaction

Reject the transaction (Return to partner)

Cancel the transaction (Delete the transaction but do not return it to your partner)

Returned from IC Partner

If the transaction was rejected by your IC partner, your only choice is to cancel the transaction in the inbox. Then you must create correction lines or reverse the journal or document in your company.

Re-creating Inbox Entries

If you accepted a transaction in your inbox but then deleted the document or journal instead of posting it, you can re-create the inbox entry and accept it again.

Getting an Overview of Intercompany Transactions for a Period

You can get an overview of all of the intercompany transactions that you have sent and received in a period. The IC Transactions report lists all intercompany G/L entries, customer ledger entries and vendor ledger entries.


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